James Reid Funeral Home Accessibility Policy

Effective Date: March 2010
Revised Date: March 2020

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is designed to give persons with disabilities an opportunity to access our property with as much ease and respect as possible and to be treated as an equal. James Reid Limited policies, procedures and attitude are to provide dignity, integration and equality of opportunity. This is also to comply with the ODA as administered by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

James Reid Limited (hereinafter referred to JRL) policy:

Personal Assistive Devices 
JRL allows and encourages people to use of their own personal assistive devices. We will ensure our staff will be trained to become familiar with various personal assistive devices. It is up to the person to ensure the device is working properly and is operated in a safe and controlled manner.

Service Animals
JRL allows and encourages persons with disabilities to be accompanied by a service animal or guide dog. Persons with disabilities shall always keep the service animal with them and keep them controlled at all times.

Support Persons
JRL allows and encourages a person to bring a support person with them. JRL will ensure that a support person will be with the person with disabilities at all times.

JRL staff members are to speak to persons with a disability in an accommodating manner and will take into account their disability. JRL strongly encourages persons with disabilities to bring in an interpreter if needed. The interpreter will be visible to the persons with disability at all times.


JRL is committed to fair and accessible employment practices. We will notify applicants through the job posting that, when requested, we will accommodate people with disabilities during the recruitment and selection processes and when employees are hired. We will notify successful applicants of our accommodation policies. JRL will strive to provide accessible formats and communication supports for disabled employees to do their job and for information that is generally available to all employees. We will incorporate the requirements under the Integrated Accessibility Standard to ensure that we have a process for developing individual accommodation plans and return to work policies for employees that have been absent due to a disability.

Notice of Temporary Disruption
If for any reason there is a planned disruption to our building, JRL will notify the public in advance. Notification is as follows: sign on the door, posting on their website, persons who phone the funeral home will be notified and also a notification may be in the newspaper.

JRL ensures ALL staff will be trained on our policy.

The training will be an overview of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the requirements of the customer service standard. How to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities and how to interact with people with disabilities who use assistive device or require the assistance of a service animal or support person. Training will be provided to the staff after two weeks of being hired. The staff will receive a copy of the Accessibility Policy in their Orientation Package.

JRL encourages feedback and suggestions. This can be done in person, phone call, and letter or by e-mail. This then will be reported to management. Jim and or David Reid will assess the feedback and respond in person to the author within 15 business days.

Posting of Policy
JRL will post their Accessibility Policy on their website, www.jamesreidfuneralhome.com and a copy of their policy will be provided upon request.

In addition to the above, JRL will meet and comply with ODA requirements as any new construction and renovations are designed. Also, JRL will respond as necessary to any additional Ministry requests.

                                           James F. Reid                                                       David W. Reid
                                              President                                                          Vice-President